How to find the best surf destinations in the world

Our planet has seven oceans and we benefit from their warm or colder waters every day, and some of usnot that often, unfortunately. Each of these oceans has waves, as the result of storms, and each of thesewaves ends up on the coastline.However, not all the waves are consistent enough to create the setting for surfing, and for those braveenough to catch that perfect wave, it is important to be familiar with the best destinations where they cando so. And you don’t have to be experienced it to enjoy such experiences, all you have to do is get out ofyour comfort zone and plunge into something new, plunge into the ocean and let it mould you.Here are the best surf destinations in the world!

1. Surfing in Australia

We made sure our top world surfing destinations started with Australia, as it is also known as a surfer’sparadise. The country stretches over its own continent and features thousands of miles of coastline,which are met by 3 different oceans.So, as it stands, Australia is one surfing destination where you can find surfing spots literally everywhere.The most famous ones across the continent are Super Bank situated in Queensland, Bells Beach or theWestern coastline. You just cannot go wrong, no matter which spot you choose.Seasoned surfers prefer Byron Bay in the New South Wales district. Here, you will find a local culturecreated around this sport, with options for both beginners and pros. You can surf on the longboard, on theshortboard or just relax in the sun, the water is warm all year round.

2. Surfing in the USA

Some believe that surfing was invented by the Polynesians, who practised wave sliding in the HawaiianIslands. What we know for sure is that this sport came to be in California, and for good reason: the USAhas an impressive coastline and it created the perfect premises for wooden boards to transform intocomposite ones and create an entirely new sport.When the wetsuit was invented, it changed things on an entirely new level: surfers could ride the wavesall year round. This is why the USA has such a rich surfing culture, history and variety.Santa Cruz is the surfing hot spot in the US, and it rewards its tourists with plenty of waves to choosefrom, no matter the season. However, the water here is cold, so don’t forget to pack your wetsuit.

3. Surfing in Mexico

Mexico benefits from such diverse climates, it makes a unique surfing destination. You can start from theBaja California peninsula and ride your wave down to the south of the country, where exotic beaches andwarm water await.You can also surf all year round in Mexico, and you will enjoy surf camps galore, reef waves, point waves,warmer or colder waters and everything you might think of. You only need to choose the surfing spot inMexico that better suits your style.We recommend Sayulita for an entire week: its affordable in terms of accommodation and food and youwill find warm water and fun waves all the time.

4. Surfing in France

France is one of the few European surf destinations, alongside Portugal. The Atlantic coast of the countrymakes the perfect setting for such a sport, and with an annual surfing contest on the south side of thiscoastline, its no wonder France is among the surfing destinations in the world. And what goes better withwaves but cheese and wine?Biarritz is the hot spot for surfers in France, with both history and a promising future regarding this sport.This destination can be enjoyed all year round and, as such, offers lots of accommodations and greatplaces to eat out.

5. Surfing in South Africa

When it comes to surfing in South Africa, we can only say that you’re are in for some unique perks. Thecountry has a rugged coastline that stretches against two oceans, separated by Cape Town. On one

hand, you have colder waters and deserted beaches and on the other, you can enjoy sub-tropical watersand exotic beaches. But if you dare to surf in South Africa, you should know that the country’s waters arealso known for their marine life teeming with great white sharks.South Africa’s surf destination of choice is Durban, and for good reason: a variety of places to stay andfun in and out of the water, as well as tourists and surfers from all around the globe.

6. Surfing in Costa Rica

This Central American country has it all when it comes to outdoor adventures: amazing hiking trails, greatscuba diving spots and, of course, great surfing hubs. Found between two oceans, you have the luxury tochoose from lots of surfing spots in Costa Rica – from the ones suited for beginners to the ones reservedfor pros.We recommend Jaco as the surfer’s paradise destination in Costa Rica, for it has it all: from cheap toluxury accommodations and campgrounds, and they are all super close to the city centre. You will havethe chance to catch some great fun waves and the pura vida vibe of the country.

7. Surfing in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago of islands with some of the most volatile geography on the planet. Thecountry’s thousands of islands are met by the Indian Ocean and it greets their shores with swells of allsizes. And, on the other hand, you have the colder waters of the Atlantic Ocean.Surfing in Indonesia has become popular in the ‘70s and since then the islands have been teaming withsurf camps and all the other facilities you need to ride your waves on a different island every day. Andthere are so many islands to choose from that it is unlikely you will ever find crowded spots.But if you’d like to exchange experiences with fellow surfers, Bali is the place to go. The waves here arelots of fun and also suited for any level of experience.